Case Study of Interim CXO

Vineet Arya
4 min readMar 24, 2022

About the client

One Assist is a 15 years old insurtech company; they provide insurance powered consumer services. It is a one stop consumer assistance and personal belongings’ protection platform. For instance, OneAssist Protection plan protects a consumer’s smartphone by providing complete peace of mind against any kind of accidental damages or theft. If a person’s smartphone slips from their hands or pocket due to an accidental push or force and breaks then OneAssist will arrange for a pickup of the device from doorstep, take it to the service centre, get it repaired and deliver it back without spending a single rupee. As a consumer services organisation one of the prime business functions to them is Customer Service and Delivery. This department being of utmost importance to the business, the startup has almost 40% of their total workforce in customer service.

Client’s key problem area

The key problem area for One Assist was largely in the claim settlement process. In one of their services which is provided to customers for their mobile phones, the turn around time of 15 days was a proposition given by the company to the customer. In this particular service they would have the mobile phone picked up from the customer’s location, assess the damage to the mobile phone, get the insurance claim approved, have the mobile phone repaired, and then finally have it returned to the consumer at their doorstep, all within 15 days. The start time of this process is clocked from when a claim is logged in within the client’s system. But in real time, on the ground, this complete process to settle a claim for the customer was taking an average turn-around time of about 50 to 55 days. And this was proving to be a critical problem that needed to be solved diligently. The client required a specialised and skilled professional with relevant experience to provide specific solutions, as their business operations were scaling and the startup was at the growth-stage. One Assist also wanted the gig expert to upskill their internal team and provide them guidance with expertise for this particular business function.

Client requirement from Cohire

Essentially we were brought in to help the client understand the need requirement, build a customer service strategy, and subsequently execute it to improve the organization's performance for the claim settlement process. The clear goal set for us by the client when they decided to include an interim leader in their workforce was to make One Assist to be future-ready, in terms of customer service, akin to having a road map that aligns their organizational operations and decisions towards a more customer-centric and consumer-focussed approach. Additionally as a significantly desired outcome, One Assist was looking for us to help the company improve capabilities and performance of their internal teams. We segmented the client’s requirement from us into two objectives

  1. Overhaul the customer service by the organization.
  2. Improve the claim settlement time frame; the number of claims completed within 15 days.

Results achieved by Cohire

Our partnership with One Assist was for 2 years, in which we were closely working with the Chief Operating Officer, as his designated problem solver for their customer service delivery and, as well, to help them improve their processes. Key milestones that were achieved by us for the client were

  1. In about 9–10 months of the first year itself, they were achieving close to 93–94% claims being settled within 15 days.
  2. They had moved from an NPS score of minus 35 to a plus 40.
  3. There were a few processes that got identified during the work tenure, which did not exist in the company before partnering with us. These, for example, are — a complaint resolution process, and a customer engagement process.

Feedback for the gig expert

The co-founders, Gagan Maini and Subrat Pani, of One Assist shared their feedback, “The structured framework you put together to prioritize the high impact building blocks helped us track better our customer experience KPIs and NPS. We are thankful to you for the body of work you guided us on and co-created with our team around putting up the frameworks for

  1. Key driver of customer experience in our business
  2. Customer experience measurement process and governance
  3. API dashboard creation and automation
  4. Service redesign on our mobile claims process gaps
  5. Customer life cycle management to drive better persistence and customer engagement”

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